Roosevelt School Rules

Our classroom rules are the rules that have been adopted by our entire school.  These are in place to make Roosevelt a safe and happy learning environment.

1.  Respect people.

2. Be responsible.

3. Be a good listener.

4. Follow directions.

5. Work and play safely.

6. Respect property.



SeeSaw is an online collection of student work.  It is also a way for information to be shared out to parents in a timely manner.  Parents may receive notifications when work or announcements are added to their child's SeeSaw page.  Parents may comment or save work posted to their own devices.  Parents only have access to their own child's work, and it is a secure environment. If you were unable to attend orientation, please view the information below.  It includes what you need to know to sign up for SeeSaw.  You will also need the note your child's teacher sent home with the QR code in order to sign up.


Fifth Grade Policy Handbook 

You may download our fifth grade handbook.  It outlines fifth grade expectations and policies.

17-18 Fifth Grade Policy Handbook.pdf 17-18 Fifth Grade Policy Handbook.pdf
Size : 161.629 Kb
Type : pdf
17-18 PowerPoint PDF.pdf 17-18 PowerPoint PDF.pdf
Size : 813.781 Kb
Type : pdf
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