Welcome to Fifth Grade Science 

Below you will see the major units we explore in our science class.  To learn more about our science curriculum read about the new Next Generation Science Standards.

Next Generation Science Standards.pdf Next Generation Science Standards.pdf
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We will learn how living organisms interact with each other and with their environment. To learn about this unit, visit a new website, Mrs. Dinkel's Ecosystem Unit.

Space Science

 We will learn about the solar system.  This includes the sun, planets, stars, meteors, asteroids, and our moon. 

Use Windows to the Universe for research.

Explore space with these great websites: 

The Children's University of Manchester and Solar System Scope.



We will learn about solids, liquids, and gasses.  We will also explore the particle model.  To see an introduction to matter, click the link below.  Watch videos and take quizzes on Study Jams

States of Matter7.pptx States of Matter7.pptx
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