Go Math!

Think Central is the website for online instruction, games, and practice.  Students will also use this site to take tests and complete some assignments in class.   

Math Dictionary 

Use the math dictionary to find definitions of terms and to see examples of math skills and strategies.  

A Math's Dictionary for Kids 

by Jenny Eather

IXL Math Practice

Use the IXL website to practice any math skill at any level.  Your goal is to earn a Smart Score of 100! 

Math Help!

The following links will take you to math pages filled with helpful resources.  These resources will help you understand the skills taught in each chapter.  Parents and students can use these for introduction, practice, and review.

Chapter 1                                        Chapter 7

Chapter 2                                        Chapter 8

Chapter 3                                        Chapter 9

Chapter 4                                        Chapter 10

Chapter 5                                        Chapter 11

Chapter 6

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