The instruction given in our computer lab builds a foundation students need to be successful with technology.

 Laptops available for each class allows classroom teachers to integrate technology into lessons on a daily basis.

Additional technology tools include combination printers/scanners/copiers and digital cameras.  This allows teachers to scan documents which can be used with our Smartboards.  We've used digital cameras to create science videos and do other projects. New this year will be a classroom set of iPads that can be checked out by teachers.  There are wonderful apps for students of all ages created for the iPad.

 Technology at Roosevelt

Roosevelt Elementary School and our Home and School organization have worked hard to make technology an integral part of our students' education.  These are just some examples of technology used in our classrooms.

 Each classroom has a Smartboard.  They are used across the curriculum to provide interactive lessons and simulations.  Projectors like the one below work with our Smartboards and lap tops to present multimedia lessons.


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